Werke von Eötvös, Senk, Gesualdo und Dean SWR Vokalensemble, Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Yuval Weinberg, Dirigent 29. Februar, Stuttgart, Liederhalle Sendung am 15.3. auf SWR2

Release of “Ravel” – Dieter Ilg

Verdi, Wagner, Beethoven, Bach…Germany’s premer jazz bassist Dieter Ilg has instigated several creative projects, in which he has taken the great compo-sers of Western classical music off in new directions. Here, alongside pianist Rainer Böhm and drummer Patrice Héral, his … Read More

Nikolai Kapustin

After the recording session of Kapustin’s wonderful double concerto for two pianos and percussion op. 104 at SWR. Next to me the fantastic musicians Meinhard ‘Obi’ Jenne, Frank Dupree, Adrian Brendle and Franz Bach.

Donaueschinger Musiktage

Discovering and capturing new music at the famous festival, here the Trio Accanto (Marcus Weiss – saxophone / Nicolas Hodges – piano / Christian Dierstein – percussion) with composer Rebecca Saunders.

New Release of SWR Big Band with Magnus Lindgren

Finally a Single is released of the SWR Big Band together with the artist in residence – Magnus Lindgren. The song is called “Penny Blue”, composed and arranged by Magnus and features the bassist Decebal Badila on the flute next … Read More

“My Choice” by Guy Klucevzek

Guy Klucevsek has chosen his favourite tracks of many different productions I recorded for Winter & Winter. The outstanding composer, accordion virtuoso and improviser has contributed significantly to the renaissance of the accordion over the past 25 years.

Merry Christmas!

I had the pleasure to produce a famous christmas song with members of the different musical sections of SWR, the SWR Vocal Ensemble, SWR Symphony Orchestra, SWR Big Band and SWR Experimental Studio.

Christian Mason – ensemble recherche

Christian Mason’s composition »Zwischen den Sternen«, inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem with the same name, is the result of intensive exchange and close collaboration with the musicians of ENSEMBLE RECHERCHE. Mason leaves the Well-Tempered Tonality, works with scordatura to … Read More

Quadro Nuevo – Mare

The new album of Quadro Nuevo is out now! The Mediterranean lightness of being – Music from the sea – A sea full of dreams Recorded by Adrian von Ripka at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg & by Stefan Gienger and Alex … Read More

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