The compositions and lyrics of the album are inspired by the classic Icelandic novel ‘Aðventa’, by Gunnar Gunnarssson. The album invites you into the world of the sheperd Benedikt, who walks alone in the highlands of Iceland in December, the darkest and cruelest month of the year, looking for lost sheep. Through the music you experience the magnificent landscapes, the cold, intense storms, kindness, warmth, stillness, isolation, hope and broken dreams. Mógil is an Iceland/Belgian-based ensemble whose music blends contemporary classical, folk, jazz, minimal and post-rock into a universe that is completely their own. Belgian reedist Joachim Badenhorst composed the bulk of this concept album. For his compositions he drew inspiration from memories of several previous visits to the Icelandic highlands and by submerging into the book ‘Aðventa’ by Gunnarson.

Mixed and mastered by Adrian von Ripka

A production of Winter & Winter © 2019