Saxophonist and globetrotter Mulo Francel brings together creative musicians with biographical roots in Central and Eastern Europe. With inspiring jazz and world music they celebrate 75 years of peace between their countries. A historically unprecedented peace, which is anything but granted.  A peace that must be preserved.


Diknu Schneeberger (guitar)
Izabella Effenberg (vibraphone, array mbira, steel drums)
Philipp Schiepek (guitar)
David Gazarov (piano)
Bernd Lhotzky (piano)
Robert Kainar (drums)
Stefan Noelle (drums)
D.D. Lowka (bass, percussion)
Sven Faller (bass)
Jiří Bárta (cello)
Mulo Francel (saxes, clarinet)

Mastering: Adrian von Ripka at Bauer Studios

Cover art by Olaf Becker

Produced by Mulo Francel