Robyn Schulkowsky – percussion, vibraphone, marimba

Michael Riessler – bass clarinet, percussion

Larry Polanky – electric guitar, guitar, mandolin, percussion

Frederic Rzewski – piano, percussion

Chiyoko Szlavnics – soprano saxophone, percussion

Natacha Diels – flute

Garret List – trombone, percussion

Christian Wolff – piano, melodica, percussion

You could say this music is surrealist—not reproducing familiar forms, but revealing, behind these, life’s unpredictability. You could say it is political; improvisatory; concerned with collaborative, non-hierarchical forms of social organization; but you can’t really say what it is like (although John Cage came close when he said, after a performance of the Exercises in New York, that it was like the classical music of an unknown civilization).”
Frederic Rzewski

© 2006 New World Records